Bishop’s Castle

Bishop’s Castle . . . a small and ancient town surrounded by an area of outstanding natural beauty. Bishop’s Castle provides a unique centre for the exploration of the South Shrophire uplands.
Walk or cycle through the hills of the wild border country.  Eat and drink well in our pubs and cafes.  If you want to get away . . .

bccrestThe emblem on the left is a facsimile of the seal King James 1st gave to the town in 1609, when he confirmed the rights and privileges given in the 1573 Elizabeth the 1st Great Charter. The seal is in the British Museum and Bishop’s Castle Town Council have the rights over its reproduction. (but we all use it!)

Town tours of this historic centre are on Saturdays and Tuesdays, they start at 6.30. Tours last about 1 hour and start at the Church Lytch gate near the Six Bells pub. Parties can be accommodated if booked in advance. Please check the tours website as they don’t run throughout the year.

The town has a marvellous 140 seat Theatre which stages both streamed live and touring productions as well as excellent music, films and exhibitions (

At Easter the Town Museum in the fascinating House on Crutches will open its doors and regular Flea Markets will be held in the Town Hall.

maptownBrewery Tours can be arranged and the Leisure Centre will also be open throughout the coming season.

The town stages regular and interesting events. Visit our interesting local Crafts,  Antiques and Bygones. Stay a while in friendly accommodation and delve into our Local history. There are many interesting places to visit including Bishop’s Castle’s three Museums.

A brief history of Bishops Castle >>HERE<<